Tips for baking gooey cake

We want to share a couple of tips for baking gooey cake:


The only limit is your imagination. You could use brown sugar instead of white sugar, vanilla powder (in less amount) instead of vanilla sugar etc.

To make your gooey cake extra delicious, use cocoa of really good quality, e.g. Valrhona (it really makes a big difference!).


It is delicious to serve your gooey cake with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, but also by topping with fresh berries - yummy!

Further more, the gooey cake will look really beatiful if you sprinkle some icing sugar on top of it.

Our delicious recipe of gooey cake

Baking time

If you are using a bigger baking dish the gooey cake can be baked in a shorter time and with a smaller one, a couple of minutes longer.

The baking time can vary if your oven is new or old. We recommend that you preheat the oven before baking the gooey cake and the oven will hopefully keep an even temperature.

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